Wholesale dog grooming tools and supplies 

Welcome to the Beyond the Bath page, where you can find a variety of top-quality grooming products for your furry clients. Our products are specially designed for professional dog groomers, retailers, and pet supply wholesalers who value the health and happiness of their four-legged customers.

THE LEAVE IN - Our new leave-in conditioner is a reparative, gloss-inducing, and detangling formula that benefits all coat types. It's available in bulk, making it an ideal choice for pet supply wholesalers and groomers who want to stock up on dog conditioner spray. Also, try our wholesale dog conditioning spray, a must-have for any grooming session.

EMPTY PROUD 16OZ BOTTLE - Our signature scent PROUD is a popular choice among professional dog groomers and pet owners alike.As a professional dog groomer, you can purchase an empty 16 oz bottle and gallon dog perfume and refill your favorite scent. The perfect way to keep your furry clients smelling fresh and clean.

THE BATH BRUSH - Our bath brush makes bath time a breeze. It easily releases debris and undercoat in and out of the bath. Its durable design is perfect for frequent use and ideal for wholesale pet brush orders. If you are looking for dog massage brush, you find the best one! 

THE BALM - THE BALM addresses those pet parts that are prone to dryness. It's a natural paw balm for dogs and cats that soothes and protects. If you're looking for the best wholesale dog paw balm or dog paw cream, look no further than THE BALM.

PROUD I THE SCENT 16 OZ - Our signature scent PROUD is also available in a 16 oz size. It's a professional dog groomer cologne with signature scent that's perfect for adding a finishing touch to any grooming session in a salon or at home. Order wholesale dog perfume now!

THE MANE TAME MINI 2 OZ - THE MANE TAME is a light, foamy, and super easy-to-use dry shampoo for dogs. Our wholesale dog dry shampoo is the best choice for pet supply wholesalers looking to stock up on this popular product in travel format among dog owners

THE ONLY BRUSH - This chic, solid wood paddle brush is all you need for your grooming needs. It's the perfect wholesale dog brush for any groomer or pet store retailers looking for dog grooming equipment that's both functional and stylish.

THE MANE TAME - Our regular-sized THE MANE TAME waterless shampoo is also available in bulk for pet supply stores. 

THE SWIPE - Keep your furry clients looking and smelling their best with our coat grooming wipes. Wholesale dog wipes are a must-have for any professional groomer or dog owner. 

THE TOWEL - Our dog grooming towels are the perfect choice for anyone looking for high-quality wholesale microfiber dog towels. They're durable, absorbent, and perfect for any grooming session in a salon or at home 

At Pride+groom Pro, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality grooming products for dogs. Our products are designed to make your job easier and keep your furry clients looking and feeling their best. Order now and see the difference for yourself!