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CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. THE SWIPE makes light work of freshening up a face, a paw or a patch of muddy fur. Nourishing like our shampoos and conditioner and armed with our signature scent, THE SWIPE is a must to have on hand when your dogs start behaving like, you know, dogs.


Pair THE SWIPE with one of PRIDE+GROOM’s coat-specific shampoos and THE FINAL COAT for a luxe and memorable gift that says, “I like you and your dog the best and I think it’s obvious.”


Purified water, Coco Glucoside*, Coco betaine*, Glycerin*, Aloe Vera**, Potassium sorbate (food grade freshness assurer), Fragrance *from coconut oil **certified organic.

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Buy best pet wipes in bulk

"THE SWIPE" by PRIDE+GROOM is a pack of scented dog and cat wet wipes designed to provide quick and effective cleansing and deodorizing for dogs and other pets. With our signature scent of natural essential oils, these wipes leave your pet feeling refreshed and nourished, just like our shampoos and conditioners.

As a wholesale supplier, we offer dog wipes in bulk for retailers and groomers, providing a convenient solution for keeping pets clean and fresh in between baths. “THE SWIPE” is also great for quick cleanups after meal time or playtime, making it a must-have for all pet care professionals & owners!

These wholesale coat grooming wipes are suitable for all coat types, including sensitive skin, and puppies. Unlike traditional baths, "THE SWIPE" wipes require no water or rinsing, making them an easy and convenient option for pet owners. They are also safe for daily use, ensuring your pet stays fresh and clean all day long. Each canister of THE SWIPE contains 50 of our wipes.

At PRIDE+GROOM, we are committed to providing the highest quality products to our wholesale pet supply customers. As the first dog grooming brand launched under a beauty platform, our formulas are made in a clean beauty lab and fragrance house, ensuring that dogs receive the same level of luxury, beauty, and skincare that humans do.

“THE SWIPE" is a must-have for pet care professionals, offering a convenient, safe, and effective solution for quick cleanups and deodorizing. As a wholesale supplier, we offer these wipes in bulk, making it easier for retailers and groomers to keep their pets looking and feeling their best.


Are dog wipes worth it?

Yes, dog wipes can be a valuable addition to your pet grooming routine. They provide quick and easy clean-up for a pet’s ears, face, paws, underbelly, butt, and other parts! For dog owners, they are perfect for in-between baths or after outdoor activities, and they can also help maintain good hygiene and keep pet smelling fresh.

Are your pet wipes safe for dogs?

Yes, when used properly, our dog wipes are safe for dogs. It is important to choose wipes that are formulated specifically for pets and are free of harmful ingredients. PRIDE+GROOM’s "THE SWIPE” is a safe and gentle option, made with extra gentle ingredients and suitable for all coat types and even for dogs with sensitive skin.

Can I use your dog wipes on my dog everyday?

Yes, our dog wipes can be used on a daily basis as a quick and convenient way to clean and freshen up your pet. However, it is important to use them in moderation and not as a substitute for regular baths.

Can I use baby wipes as dog wipes?

No, baby wipes are not formulated for use on pets and can contain ingredients that can be harmful to your dog. It is best to use pet-specific wipes, such as PRIDE+GROOM’s "THE SWIPE” for your pet's grooming needs.

How to wash dog without a bath?

Wiping down your dog with pet-specific wipes, like "THE SWIPE," is a great way to clean your dog without a bath. This can be especially useful in between baths or for freshening up after outdoor activities. It is also important to brush your dog regularly to remove loose hair and dirt.

Should dogs be wiped after pooping?

Yes, wiping your dog after pooping is an important part of maintaining good hygiene and keeping your home clean. Wiping with pet-specific wipes, like "THE SWIPE," can help remove any residue and prevent any unpleasant odors.

Can these wipes be used on dog after surgery?

Yes. The wipes are perfect to clean your dog or cat while they can't take a full bath. Do not apply directly over the operated area. The Swipes contain Aloe Vera , Coconut Oil and our signature scent nothing else!

Are these pet wipes safe for cats?

Yes, PRIDE+GROOM’s "THE SWIPE” is safe for use on cats.