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We at PRIDE+GROOM are obsessed with PROUD. We've spritzed the dogs and anything else that would sit still since first completing the formula. It’s fresh, unusual, and just like your dog, an instant mood lifter. If we were sentimental, we’d say it smelled like unconditional love. But we’re not. Although, to be fair, it kind of smells like unconditional love.

Spray onto anything and anyone in need of a little freshening. Avoid eyes. Obviously.


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Pet perfume in bulk

As a retailer or professional dog groomer, you understand the importance of providing your customers with high-quality products that make their dogs look and smell great. That's why PRIDE+GROOM's Wholesale Dog Perfume is the perfect addition to your product line. With its nourishing, all-natural formula and fresh, uplifting scent, this bulk dog scent is sure to be a hit with dog owners and dogs alike.

PRIDE+GROOM's Wholesale Dog Perfume, called “PROUD” is formulated with a unique blend of essential oils and botanicals that not only deodorize and refresh your dogs' coats, but also nourish their skin and provide a luxurious, spa-like experience. With notes of bergamot, citrus and ylang ylang, it’s fresh, unusual, and an instant mood lifter. This luxurious, all natural pet spray is available in liquid form and is easy to use between baths and trips to the groomer.

In addition to being safe and nourishing for dogs, PRIDE+GROOM's Wholesale Dog Perfume “PROUD” is also suitable for use on other pets. So, whether you're looking for a cologne for dogs, a fragrance for dogs, or even a puppy perfume, PRIDE+GROOM's “PROUD” is the perfect choice.

As the first dog grooming brand launched as an all natural pet beauty brand, PRIDE+GROOM is committed to providing dogs with the same level of luxury, beauty, and skincare that humans enjoy. So, why not add PRIDE+GROOM's Wholesale Dog Perfume to your product line and help your customers pamper their dogs in style?

If you're looking for a high-quality, professional dog groomer cologne that provides a refreshing, nourishing, and luxurious experience for dogs, look no further than PRIDE+GROOM's “PROUD”.

This "PROUD" version features convenient sprayer, which is perfect for dog groomers and frequent use.


Is it OK to put this perfume on a dog?

Yes, it is generally safe to put perfume on a dog as long as it is specifically formulated for pet use and contains non-toxic, all-natural ingredients. PRIDE+GROOM's “PROUD” is made with an all-natural, non-toxic formula, which makes it safe for use on dogs.

Can dogs get sick from smelling perfume?

Dogs can become sensitive to perfumes that contain harsh chemicals, leading to irritations and even illnesses. That's why PRIDE+GROOM's Dog Perfume is formulated without any harsh chemicals to ensure the safety and health of your pets.

What do groomers use to make a dog smell good?

Professional dog groomers use a variety of products to make a dog smell good, including fragrances and colognes specifically formulated for pets. The PRIDE + GROOM's scent is a popular choice among professional dog groomers as it provides a refreshing, appealing scent and is safe to use on their coats.
Proud provides a luxurious, lasting scent for dogs, making them smell fresh and clean.

What do I do if my dog is allergic or has a bad reaction to this perfume?

You should always test the product in a small area before applying, specifically if your dog has sensitive skin.If your dog shows any signs of allergic reactions such and non stop scratching or leaking and redness on the skin you should look for a veterinarian.
Our products are safe and used by veterinarians, however every dog is different and can react differently to products

Is this safe for cats?

Yes, our products are safe for both cats and dogs.

How does this pet perfume smells?

This pet perfume is a perfect blend of tangy, spicy, and floral notes that create a refreshing and mood-lifting aroma. It has notes of bergamot, citrus and ylang ylang.

How to use pet perfume?

To use the pet perfume, spray it onto your pet's coat from a distance of around 6 inches. Avoid spraying it directly onto their face, eyes, and nose. It's best to spray the perfume onto pet's fur when they are dry and clean.

Where do you put perfume on a dog?

There are no special places to put scent on the pet, just avoid spraying next to the face, ears, anal glands and nipples.