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Have a proper "brush with beauty."

With natural boar bristles on one side and steel pins on the other, THE ONLY BRUSH covers all the bases. The pins remove mats and tangles, loosen dirt and brush away loose hair, while the boar bristles smooth follicles, release natural oils and increase circulation.

All this incorporated into a chic, solid wood paddle and tucked into a pretty bag.


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Wholesale professional dog grooming brush

Introducing "The Only Brush" by PRIDE+GROOM - the ultimate dog grooming tool! This uniquely designed dog brush is unlike any other on the market, offering a unique combination of pins and boar bristles that will leave your dog's coat looking and feeling healthy and refreshed.
The pins on THE ONLY BRUSH are designed to remove mats, tangles and loosen dirt without hurting your pet. This makes the brush perfect for removing any knots or tangles in your dog's coat, leaving them with a smooth and silky finish.
The boar bristles on this brush are also carefully crafted to ensure that they smooth follicles, release natural oils and increase circulation in your dog's skin. This will help to keep your dog's coat healthy and shiny, and their skin moisturized.
Whether you're a professional groomer or simply looking for a high-quality pet brush for your pet store, “THE ONLY BRUSH” by PRIDE+GROOM is a perfect choice. It's easy to use, gentle on your pet's skin, and will leave them looking and feeling great.


What is the best brush for groomers?

The best brush for a dog depends on the breed and coat type. For example, a slicker brush is best for long-haired breeds, while a bristle brush is best for short-haired breeds. THE ONLY BRUSH by PRIDE+GROOM is a versatile two-sided pet brush that is suitable for all coat types, making it a great choice for many dog owners.
Its pins remove mats and tangles, loosen dirt and brush away loose hair, while the boar bristles smooth follicles, release natural oils, and increase circulation. This makes THE ONLY BRUSH by PRIDE+GROOM not just a brush, but also a grooming tool that provides numerous benefits for a pet's coat and skin.

What kind of dog brushes and combs do groomers use?

Groomers use a variety of brushes and combs, including slicker brushes, bristle brushes, undercoat rakes, and dematting tools. The specific brushes and combs used depend on the breed and coat type of the dog being groomed.

Is it better to brush a dog wet or dry?

It's best to brush a dog when their coat is dry. Brushing a wet coat can cause mats and tangles to tighten, making them harder to remove. Because brushing your dog when his hair is wet can be quite painful, while also creating more tangles and knots. That's why you should always brush dogs before you bathe them and then just let it all dry naturally afterward. Brushing a dry coat allows you to remove any loose hair and tangles before washing a dog.


A dog brush should be gentle on both a pet's skin and hair, and not cause any discomfort or pain when using it. Brushes with soft bristles or those designed for sensitive skin are good options to consider. THE ONLY BRUSH by PRIDE+GROOM is created to be highly effective and gentle on all breeds.


This dog brush is made from high-quality materials, is cruelty-free, and is designed to last. Whether you're brushing a short-haired dog or a long-haired breed, THE ONLY BRUSH will provide you with the results you're looking for.

How do professionals brush dogs?

Dogs should be brushed in the direction of hair growth. Groomers usually start with smaller strokes to clean up dog's coat and not to hurt it. Once they worked out the coat with small movements, they can finish up with long strokes.

How often should you brush a dog?

Frequency of brushing a dog depends on its coat. If your dog has long or fluffy coat, you should consider brushing every day or every other day. If your dog has short coat, you can brush your pooch 1-2 times per week.

How do you brush a dog that hates being brushed?

Turn your brushing session into a relaxing and bonding experience or a game. Pamper your dog with treats, hugs, kisses and positive words. Be patient with your pooch!