Why Do Dogs Smell Like Fritos?

Why Do Dogs Smell Like Fritos?

We at PRIDE+GROOM have very sensitive noses.  In fact, our noses were the first to tell us our dogs were being groomed with too many toxic chemicals and over-fragranced shampoos.  Our noses also helped develop our signature fresh scentl Proud. 

So when one of our very own, SVP’s Carrie’s princess Cookie started showing up to meetings smelling like a combination of corn chips – think Doritos or Fritos – we had to get to the bottom of this!

What Causes Corn Chip Smell? Is It a Yeast Infection?

Often dog owners of all different dog breeds complain that their dog's paws smell. According to various studies this scent could represent an overgrowth of pseudomonas – a microbe that lives naturally in dogs skin that is not harmful.  It is not only the dogs’ paws that smell like corn chips this smell can appear on other areas of a dog's skin. 

Dog Paws Infection

In Cookie’s case the odor was more on her little flat (and adorable to be clear) face not the dog's paw.  Cookie is an imperial Shih Tzu.  She does not have sensitive skin, but some other reasons for her unpleasant facial odor could be excess food collecting in her beard and/or the overproduction of tears which is common in flat faced breeds. Carrie notoriously gives Cookie a PRIDE+GROOM facial with the Final Coat mixed into warm water and uses a flea comb to pull out all the excess food and eye gunk with ease and no pain. Cookie’s face smells Proud and fresh…and ready for her next meeting. 

Back to Microbes…Pseudomonas are said to give off a sweet grape and corn chip odor and naturally present in a dog's skin.  But, pseudomonas aren’t the only thing that might be causing your dog's smelly paws or face. Other microbes at play may include:

  • Yeast:Yeast may also put off a bready scent that can mix with these other bacterial smells. This may not necessarily be a yeast infection and you should consult a vet if there is any discharge or skin discoloration.
  • The Bacteria Proteus: The Bacteria Proteus which some people say smells like bad fish as well as Fritos. This bacteria prefers moist areas like soil and wastewater – think streets of New York City.

According to the Schertz Animal Hospital in Texas, “Our dogs walk on and through many surfaces daily, and normally pick up naturally occurring bacteria on their pads. Two types of bacteria, Pseudomonas and Proteus typically cause the corn chips smell when mixed with the saliva of grooming and normal sweat from the paw pads. And usually, a dog's immune system keeps microbes and pathogens balanced - regardless of dog breeds. A dog's feet are also very susceptible to cracks and cuts that can lead to bacterial or fungal infection.

Treating Yeast Infections

Treating Yeast Infections in Dogs

According to Dr. Joya Griffin, a veterinary dermatologist at Animal Dermatology Clinic - Louisville, sometimes, "when you get an overgrowth of one over the other, that's when they become opportunistic and create infection," says Griffin. So do not dismiss the odor entirely as not concerning and just “dog smell”.  Consult the vet if your dog is not only stinky, but exhibiting any of the following symptoms: 

  1. Itching or Chewing at the Skin or Paw
  2. Redness and Inflammation on the Skin or Paws
  3. Bumps, Scrapes or Pus-Filled Sores
  4. Excessive Hair/Fur Loss or Dandruff
  5. Excessive Licking
  6. Brown Discharge
  7. Swelling of the Area

    There a few treatments for yeast infections or skin infections in dogs. Doctors will prescribe oral or topical treatments depending on the nature of the dog's skin problems. They also may suggest allergy testing which can be helpful to regulate your dog's diet and product usage.

    How to Prevent Yeast Infections in Dogs?

    How to Prevent Yeast Infections in Dogs?

    We at PRIDE+GROOM always recommend keeping paws and faces clean after each walk or trip to the dog park as a good pet hygiene routine to maintain in your home. Especially with dogs that have skin folds. Make sure to keep those areas dry. Using waterless shampoos and/or ph balanced non-irritating wipes are always recommended in between full professionals dog grooms and should help reduce corn, Fritos, Doritos and other unwanted scents on your dogs.  


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