Monthly Professional Groomer Interview Series - Alexandria Espinosa

Alexandria Espinosa interview with professional dog groomer

Featuring Professional Groomers From Around the Country and their insights on pet grooming.

PRIDE+GROOM is extremely proud to announce its groomer interview series. We are grateful for our growing professional pet grooming community. Dog grooming is not easy. Dog grooming has harsh conditions, long hours on their feet and demanding schedules. Groomers have supported our company from day one; testing products, giving feedback and making great suggestions for product development. We want to share some of the best Groomers' experiences, advice about the grooming process, share their skills, grooming tools, customers' stories and much more. 

Each month, we feature a new groomer interview and share their insights about the grooming process. Today, we had the opportunity to sit down with Alexandria Espinosa, Owner of Studio 50 Paws Inc., who has been a professional groomer for over 15 years. 

PG: How did you get your start in the grooming industry? How long have you been grooming professionally?

I worked for a big box retailer and worked my way up from bather to Salon Manager and Academy Trainer. I LOVED EVERY minute of it. I have been a professional pet groomer for over 15 years. 

PG: Do you have a favorite dog or cats breed that you’ve worked on, or a signature dog haircut, grooming process that you’ve developed or perfected?

Although I love every pupper, my favorite breed cut is the Schnauzer cut. The clean lines and those eyebrows are just so regal. 

PG: What do you look for in your grooming supplies? What are some of the lessons you have learned when sourcing grooming tools? 

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In my grooming supplies, I look for exactly what I would look for in my own "grooming"; quality, value and efficacy. The product should be "clean". No harmful ingredients and as natural as possible. Fragrance should "whisper" not "shout". 

PG: Do you have any favorite grooming tools and pets' product brands? 

Honestly, I have two favorite go-to tools. My clipper vac for both efficiency and health, and my knowledge. Knowledge is a tool that is irreplaceable. 

PG: Can you please share one of your favorite photos of a dog or cat from your time as a professional groomer? Or a professional grooming picture with a little story behind it? 

This is my favorite type of pet. The complete hand scissor. I mastered the art and realized that yes, clippered cuts go faster. however, nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing the pet parents' faces when I give them their baby and he is an absolute show stopper. 

Alexandria Espinosa's favorite dog grooming photo

PG: What do you find most satisfying about being a professional groomer? 

There are so many facets in my profession that I find most satisfying, however the most satisfying would be when I can groom a "naughty" puppy that has been turned away from other salons and do so without incident. It's just so amazing the trust that this little pupper has to have in me and vice versa, so that we can help him/her through whatever it is that they are afraid of. The growls and shivers are replaced by kisses and cuddles. 


PG: What advice would you give to new groomers just getting started in the groomer industry?

Take classes by certified professionals or reputable ones. TikTok is not a teacher

PG: What advice and techniques as a professional groomer would you give pet parents about keeping their pet clean and good skin and coat care for their pets at home? 

Key tips for pet parents about good skin and coat and maintenance in between grooms are BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH then bush again!!! and try not to over bathe your pet. I leads to dryness of the skin. Use the P&G foam bath and "the towel" to keep pet clean. :-) 

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