Collection: THE GALLONS

Collection: THE GALLONS

Buy Wholesale Dog Shampoo & Conditioner in Gallons for Groomers

Are you a groomer looking for wholesale dog shampoo? With wholesale pricing, groomers are able to pass on savings directly to their customers while still making enough profit off each sale. So if you're looking for quality wholesale dog shampoos at great prices, look no further!

Buying wholesale dog shampoo in gallon sizes is best for groomers because it offers many advantages, such as lower prices and larger quantities. You as a Groomers will save money on each purchase, without having to sacrifice quality. All our formulas can be diluted 16:1 and the Final Coat conditioner 20:1. 

Our unique formulas offer groomers coat specific options. The Shedder, the Non-Shedder and the Sensitive One.  Our dilution ratios are maximums.  As a professional groomer you can play with the ratios to see what texture you like best in various breeds of dogs or cats. Concentrated dog shampoo is an excellent choice for groomers who want to get the most out of their grooming supplies. This type of shampoo has a higher concentration of active ingredients, so 1 gallon of concentrated shampoo in diluted form is equal to 16 gallons of shampoo. By using concentrated dog shampoo, you can save money because you won't need to buy as much product each time you shop. It also helps reduce waste since it takes less packaging materials and fewer bottles overall. 

Our signature scent Proud also comes in gallon size. Dog perfume wholesale is an excellent choice for groomers looking to provide dogs with a luxurious experience.  Our light fresh scent Proud breaks the mold of typically highly concentrated and sweet smelling fragrances that have existed in the marketplace forever. Our dog perfume is specifically designed to be gentle on the skin while delivering long-lasting freshness. This wholesale product is formulated with natural ingredients and made in the USA. 

The Gallon Pump makes it easier to control the amount of shampoo used per dog.

Whether you’re a professional groomer or a pet store owner, wholesale prices offer the best value when it comes to purchasing waterless dog shampoo, conditioners, and shampoos specifically formulated for non-shedding coats. With wholesale pricing, you can get gallon sizes of quality products at lower prices.  The more you buy. The more you save. 

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