Service Dog Spotlight: Georgia Police K9 Foundation

Interview Series with the Women & Men who support animal welfare.

One Fur All, All For One!

Since its inception, PRIDE+GROOM was committed to giving back to the animal community. We started much like other companies, by donating a percentage of our proceeds to charity, but that didn't feel immediate or specific enough. We wanted to do something that was more connected to our work and to our product.

Because more often than not, animals arrive at shelters in rough shape--they're dirty, matted, dry and dehydrated, we developed THE ONE FUR ALL, a highly conditioning version of our shampoo, and packaged it solely for shelter donation and use. We also have donated our time to washing dogs and preparing them for their forever homes. 

To date, PRIDE+GROOM has donated over 1400 gallons to shelters across the country. We estimate, at minimum, that represents over 70,000 needy pups who got some TLC to these abused animals. Our ONE FUR ALL programsupports animal adoption and public awareness around local shelters.


The ONE FUR ALL program has introduced us to many amazing individuals who are doing incredible work to support animal welfare, fight against animal cruelty and run shelters. Animal welfare is not only about wild animals or marine mammals. Animal welfare refers to the state of the animal; the treatment that an animal receives is covered by other terms such as animal care, animal husbandry, and humane treatment. Protecting an animal's welfare means providing for its physical and mental needs.

These organizations' efforts uplift our communities as a whole. Over the next few months we will be featuring their stories and more information about their incredible animal charities.

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Animal Charities Spotlight: Georgia Police K9 Foundation

This month’s interview is with Kyle Briley of Georgia Police K9 Foundation an incredible non-profit organization that supports retired and injured K9 officers. This is an example of animal welfare that not many people realize. Once trained these officers are not meant to be domesticated pets so their retirement is problematic. This is a form of animal advocacy that often goes unnoticed. But Kyle and his team saw the issue and did something about it.

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PRIDE+GROOM: When and why was Georgia Police K9 Foundation established?

Kyle: Georgia Police K9 Foundation was established in 2016 to assist active and retired law enforcement K9s.

PRIDE+GROOM: Can you describe the foundation’s mission?

Kyle: Our mission is to protect and serve active and retired law enforcement k9s throughout Georgia by providing equipment, training, and care.  

Our ultimate goal is that the foundation will cease to exist. That may sound strange, but when our foundation is finished, it means that all law enforcement agencies have highly trained and supported K9s whether they are active or retired. 

police with K9

PRIDE+GROOM: What motivated you to found this non-profit organization?

Kyle: I created this organization to leave a legacy behind and help many now and for the future. The Georgia K9 Retirement Foundation was founded in 2016 by a group of K9 handlers in Statesboro, GA, who wanted to help provide veterinary assistance to retired k9s. We realized that many police departments lack the funding to support active duty k9s, let alone retired dogs. The support was overwhelming, and the needs of law enforcement k9s across Georgia became more and more evident. 

In 2018, our mission expanded, and the Georgia Police K9 Foundation was launched. Our volunteer team, made up of k9 handlers, law enforcement professionals, and citizens, is passionate about protecting and serving law enforcement k9s, active or retired, across Georgia. 

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PRIDE+GROOM: What is one of your most memorable moments at Georgia K9?

Kyle: Being able to make an impact throughout the country with how we have built our organization into a well known brand.

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K9 Jerry Lee was shot and injured in the line of duty while protecting his community. As a result of his injury, he lost his leg and retired. Our foundation assists many active and retired law enforcement K9s to include Jerry Lee. We also were able to purchase a replacement K9 for Jerry Lee, K9 Bane at no cost to the department or city where he serves.

PRIDE+GROOM: What was a challenging moment for you? 

Kyle: Growth within a foundation or any situation can be difficult to properly balance the administrative side along with the spreading awareness and assisting in our mission efforts can be a tough balance at times.

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PRIDE+GROOM: Other than donating money, are there any other ways people can help and get involved with your organization and the dogs? 

Kyle: Simple engagement with any social media post goes a long way. The support show by community members to first responders help those who are in the line of work remember why we are doing what we do each and every day.

PRIDE+GROOM: Do you have any plans for the future of the organization? 

Kyle: Our ultimate goal is to essentially have each department and agency within our respected state have an established and funded K9 unit if they wish, which as the support of their governments and local residents.

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Conclusion: In Dog We Trust 

Thank you Kyle and your entire team for taking the time to talk to us and explore animal issues our community may not have known about.

We are grateful for the work Georgia Police K9 Foundation does and are extremely proud to support them by donating our One Fur All Gallons and fundraising for them as an optional checkout “round-up” for those in our generous community who want to support amazing animal organizations like Georgia Police K9 Foundation.

Their foundation is driven by a devoted team of volunteers, including K9 handlers, law enforcement professionals, and compassionate citizens. Together, they are committed to protecting and serving law enforcement K9s, whether they are actively serving or have retired from their duties.

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