Dog Acting weird: top dog's strange behaviors explained

Dog Acting weird, most weird dog behaviors

Do you ever find yourself looking at your client’s pup and wondering why they do the things they do? Well, we’ve done some digging for you and uncovered some of the most common weird dog behaviors – and why dogs exhibit them! From barking at nothing to chasing their own tails, here are explanations behind some top weird dog behaviour.

  1. Burying or hoarding objects

dog burying , weird dog behavior, dog hoarding

One of the most common and strangest dog's behavior is burying or hoarding objects. Dogs often bury or hoard items, such as bones, toys, and even small household items like tissues, this behavior is usually accompanied by digging in a certain spot. 

The reason why your client pup has developed this habit may be due to their instinctual need to keep their territory safe and secure. In the wild, dogs would bury bones or food to store for later consumption or as a warning sign to predators that they are in the area. 

  1. Excessive licking

dog licking

Another strange dog behavior is excessive licking. Dogs may lick themselves, humans, other animals, and even objects! There can be multiple reasons why your client's pup licks so much, from feeling stressed and anxious to showing affection and wanting attention. If your client pup seems to be excessively licking due to stress or dog anxiety, it might be best for you to find alternative solutions such as providing them with more mental support or stimulation or advising the client to take them for more walks. 

  1. Nibbling

dog nibbling

Dogs also tend to nibble on objects such as furniture, shoes and other items around the house. This behaviour can often be attributed to boredom or an underlying medical issue such as an allergy. 

If you get complaint from dog owners for there dog is nibbling on objects out of boredom. Here you can suggest them to provide them with more enrichment activities or different toys that they can play with. Additionally, if suspect a medical issue, it’s important to take pup to a vet as soon as possible. 

  1. Scooting

Many dogs may scoot along the floor by dragging their bottoms. This is usually caused by itchy skin or an impacted anal gland, so if your client's pup is exhibiting this behavior it’s best to make a veterinary appointment as soon as possible. 

  1. Humping

Dogs tend to hump for multiple reasons, from feeling excited and playful to showing dominance. It is usually more common in male dogs, but female dogs may do it as well. If your client's pup is humping excessively, it's best to distract them with toys or activities that will keep their mind occupied. Additionally, providing suggesting pet parents regular exercise can help reduce stress and dog anxiety which may be a factor in why their pet is humping. If these solutions don't seem to work it might be best to suggest vet visit for further evaluation. 

  1. Zoomies

dog zoomies

Dogs may get the “Zoomies” when they’re feeling overstimulated or excited due to a sudden burst of energy. This behavior is usually seen in puppies, but can happen to any dog at any age. 

If client's pup is getting the zoomies in your salon, it might be best for you to provide them with a safe place where they can run and expend their energy. You can also distract pup by providing them with toys and interactive activities that will help reduce the energy buildup. Additionally, suggest pet parents regular exercise, that can help reduce stress and anxiety which may be a factor in why they feel the need to get the zoomies. 

  1. Chasing their tails

dog chasing tails

Chasing their tail is usually a dog's way of trying to get attention or expend extra energy. It can also be caused by boredom, anxiety, fleas, or even an attempt to self-soothe. If your client's pup is chasing his tail excessively, it may be time to consult veterinarian. He/she could have an underlying medical issue that is causing the behavior. 

  1. Eating poop

dog eating poop

Another common behavior that can confuse owners is when dogs dig up and eat their own feces. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it's simply an instinctive behavior for canines. They may have grown up in a litter environment where eating stools was encouraged by their mother dog, or they could simply be trying to get rid of the evidence of their own waste. If you catch dog during this act, it's best to limit access to their waste and offer more mental stimulation and exercise to help reduce the behavior.

  1. Eating grass

dog eating grass

As a dog groomer, you may have noticed that some dogs have a peculiar behavior of eating grass. This behavior can be quite concerning for many dog owners, as they may worry these dog's eating habits are a sign of an underlying health issue. However, it is important to note that this behavior is actually quite common and is not usually a cause for concern.

There are several reasons why dogs may eat grass. One of the most common reasons is that they simply enjoy the taste and texture of grass. Dogs are natural scavengers and may be attracted to the flavor and texture of grass. Additionally, some dogs may eat grass as a way to soothe an upset stomach or to induce vomiting. Grass can help to stimulate the digestive system and may help to alleviate some gastrointestinal issues.

While eating grass is generally not harmful to dogs, it is important to keep an eye on your furry friend and make sure that they are not consuming large amounts of grass or eating grass that has been treated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals. If you notice that dog is eating large amounts of grass or is exhibiting other unusual behaviors, it is best to consult with a veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues.

  1. Following their dog owners

Following their dog owners

You may have noticed these strangest dog behaviors, that many dogs tend to follow their owners everywhere, even into the bathroom. While this may seem like strange behavior to us humans, it is actually a very common trait among most dogs.

One reason dog may follow their owner everywhere is that they have a strong attachment. Dogs are pack animals, and they see their owners as part of their pack. This means that they want to be near at all times, and they may become anxious or upset when they are separated from dog owner.

Another reason dog may follow their owner into the bathroom is simply that they are curious. Dogs are naturally curious creatures, and they like to investigate and explore their surroundings. If they hear you moving around in the bathroom, they may want to come and see what you are doing.

Finally, your dog may follow dog owners because they want attention. Dogs love to be around their owners, and they crave affection and attention.

  1. Smelling other dogs butts

dog smelling other dog's butt

Dogs use their sense of smell to gather information about the world around them, including other dogs. Their noses are highly sensitive and can detect chemical signals in another dog's anal glands that contain information about the dog's gender, health, diet, and emotional state. By sniffing each other's butts, dogs are able to learn a lot about each other and establish social bonds. As a dog groomer, it's important to understand this behavior and allow dogs to greet each other in their preferred way.

By understanding the reasons behind these strange behaviours, you can better help your dog owner to adjust and live a happier lifestyle! Remember, all dogs have different needs, so it’s important to observe their behaviour closely in order to provide them with the best care possible. 

With a little bit of dog owners’ patience and understanding, these weird behaviours can be managed with ease! 


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