The Cockapoo Haircut: A Guide for Dog Groomers

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Do you see a lot of the Cockapoo breed? They are taking over as one of the most popular dog breeds in the world! This hybrid mix of a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle is known for being friendly, people-orientated, and energetic. They come in lots of different styles, so no matter what your customers' grooming preference is, there's sure to be a Cockapoo haircut that will suit them. Whether they are looking for a summer cut or something more elaborate like the lamb cut, we've got all the information you need to help your customer make the right decision for their Cockapoo. Keep reading to learn more about this lovable breed!

Cockapoo's character

Cockapoos are known for being very intelligent, cute and easy to train, making them a great choice for families with children. They have an amiable nature and get along with everyone in the family, from toddlers to seniors. They love to play and cuddle, making them perfect companions for any occasion. Plus, their outgoing personality will keep you entertained for hours. With such personality, they can become one of your favorite clients!

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Cockapoo's coat type

Cockapoos vary in their coat type, but the majority of them have a curly or wavy coat. The F1 cockapoo is a hybrid between the Poodle and English Cocker Spaniel, so it can inherit the tight curls of a toy or miniature poodle, along with the looser waves of an English Cocker Spaniel. Regardless of the type, the Cockapoo fur is usually very dense and soft, making it an ideal pet for those with allergies as it produces low dander and allergens. The Cockapoo coat also requires minimal maintenance compared to other breeds, making grooming a breeze.



Overall, the Cockapoo coat comes in a variety of textures and lengths, making it an incredibly versatile breed. The coat can be kept short or long depending on the owner's preference, but will always have a soft and dense texture that needs regular brushing to remain healthy and free from tangles.



How do you clip a Cockapoo face?

Clipping the face of a Cockapoo can be done with either clippers or scissors. If you decide to use clippers, make sure to use an adjustable blade attachment so that you can adjust the length of the hair. Start at the ears and work your way down in small sections, gently clipping away any excess fur. If you decide to go the scissors route, use small scissors and work in sections from the eyes down. When you're done, brush the face with a soft brush to get rid of any stray hairs. You should do this grooming routine every few weeks or so for optimal results. For more detailed instructions on how to clip your Cockapoo's.

Should you trim Cockapoo's eyelashes?

Yes, it is recommended that you trim Cockapoo eyelashes. This should be done with small scissors and done carefully to avoid any potential injury. Trimming the eyelashes will help keep them out of their eyes, which can cause irritation or even infection. Make sure to trim only the excess hair and not too close to the eyes. You should also clean the area afterward with a gentle cleanser to keep it free from bacteria. Finally, you will want to check Cockapoo's eyes regularly for any signs of irritation or infection.

When should a Cockapoo puppy be trimmed?

It is generally recommended to wait until a Cockapoo puppy reaches around six months of age before trimming Cockapoo's coat. This allows the fur to grow in thicker and longer so that it can be clipped or trimmed more easily. You may also want to wait until your pup is comfortable with being groomed and handled before attempting any trimming. Start with shorter sessions, such as only trimming the face or feet. As your pup gets used to the grooming process, you can then increase the length of time and area being trimmed.

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Finally, it's important to remember that Cockapoos need regular brushing in order to keep Cockapoo's coat healthy and free from tangles. Make sure to talk to your owners and suggest a weekly brushing schedule. Doing so will help ensure the pup's coat remains soft and healthy.

What is the best cut for a cockapoo?

The best Cockapoo haircut is the Teddy Bear haircut, which gives them an adorable teddy-bear like appearance. The Teddy Bear haircut involves trimming the fur around the face and neck to create an even layer that looks like a teddy bear. This style also keeps their fur short enough so that it won't get tangled or matted easily.

For a more traditional look, you can opt for the Cockapoo Puppy haircut, which involves cutting all of the fur on their body to one length. This haircut is easy to maintain and will prevent your pup from overheating in warmer weather. Alternatively, if you want something with a bit more pizzazz, you can go for the Lamb Cockapoo Haircut, which involves trimming the fur around the face and neck closely to create a flowing look.

Whichever haircuts your customer asks for the Cockapoo breeds, make sure to ask them questions so that it is comfortable for the pup and suits their lifestyle. With regular Cockapoo grooming and care, your Cockapoos will have a beautiful coat that their owners can be proud of.

Types Of Cockapoo Haircuts

Cockapoo Puppy Cut

As a professional groomer, you know that the Cockapoo breed is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners. These adorable pups are a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, resulting in a cute and playful companion. One of the most important grooming tasks for a Cockapoo is their haircut. The puppy cut is a popular style that keeps their fur short and manageable, while still retaining their cute and fluffy appearance. Puppy cut a great choice for pet parents who want a low-maintenance option for their furry friend. As a professional groomer, offering the puppy cut can help you attract and retain clients who love this breed.

Cockapoo puppy cut is a popular option for Cockapoos because it's low maintenance and easy to maintain. This Cockapoo haircut involves trimming the fur to about an inch or two in length all over the dog's body. This Cockapoo haircut can be done with scissors or clippers and is suitable for all seasons.

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Cockapoo Teddy Bear Cut

The Teddy Bear Cut is a popular choice for Cockapoos because it's cute and cuddly. This Cockapoo haircut involves trimming the fur to about one to two inches in length all over the dog's body, leaving a slightly longer, rounded topknot on the head. This Cockapoo haircut is typically done with scissors and is suitable for colder months.

Cockapoo Teddy Bear Cut

Summer Cockapoo haircut

Summer Cut is also a popular choice for Cockapoos as it keeps them cool during the summer months. This Cockapoo Summer cut involves cutting most of the fur on their body to one length and leaving some of the fur in specific areas, such as around the head and stomach, longer than the rest. The Summer haircut is great for active pups who need extra cooling off during the summer heat. Additionally, summer cut is relatively low maintenance as one only need to trim and groom these Cockapoo haircuts every few weeks or so. The Cockapoo Summer Cut can also be customized with a wide variety of styling options, allowing the pup to have their own unique look and being cool at the same time.

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Cockapoo Lamb Cut

The Lamb cut is a haircut that makes the Cockapoo look like a little lamb. The hair on the body is trimmed to around half an inch, while the hair on the face, ears, and legs is left at around one to two inches. The hair on the tail is trimmed to a moderate length. This Cockapoo haircut styles require more maintenance than the other Cockapoo haircuts, but it's worth it for the cute and fluffy look it gives to your customer's Cockapoo.

Cockapoo Lamb Cut before and after pictures

Cockapoo Cocker Cut

This adorable haircut is perfect for those who want a more traditional look for their Cockapoo. The Cocker haircut involves trimming the fur on the body to one length and keeping the legs, face, and chest slightly longer than the rest. This gives the pup a classic appearance that will never go out of styles.

Additionally, this haircut only needs to be groomed every few weeks, making it quite easy to maintain. With the Cocker Cockapoo haircut, the Cockapoo will always look neat and well-groomed.

Cockapoo Cocker Cut

Cockapoo Shave Cut

This haircut involves shaving the fur all over the body, leaving just a small amount of fur on the head and tail. While this Cockapoo haircut may not be as stylish as some of the other cuts available for Cockapoos, it's a practical option for dogs who love to play outdoors and owners who want to minimize shedding. Just be sure to discuss the pros and cons of this haircut with your client before proceeding to ensure it's the right fit for their dog.

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Whatever Cockapoo haircuts you and your customer select for the Cockapoo, make sure that it is comfortable and suits their lifestyle. As a dog groomer, it's essential to understand the different types of Cockapoo haircuts available for a Cockapoo, as each Cockapoo haircuts offer unique benefits and can be tailored to meet the owners' preferences. Remember to use the appropriate tools and techniques for each cut to achieve the best results. It's essential to remember that the Cockapoo hairstyles you choose should be based on the dog's personality and lifestyle.


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