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THE MANE TAME is light, foamy and super easy to use. No water necessary. A quick and surprisingly thorough way to extend the life of a groom or just freshen up a coat that’s been around the block just a few times too many.

Know a kitty who could use a little somethin somethin? THE MANE TAME is perfect for them too. Quick and effective--they'd never admit it, but they'll feel anew. 

Pair THE MANE TAME with one of PRIDE+GROOM’s coat-specific shampoos and THE FINAL COAT for a luxe and memorable gift that says, “I like you and your dog the best and I think it’s obvious.”


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    Waterless pet shampoo for groomers in bulk

    THE MANE TAME by PRIDE+GROOM is a very unique and effective dog dry shampoo that offers a quick and convenient solution for keeping our furry friend's coat looking and smelling fresh between washes. The light, foamy formula is super easy to use and does not require water, making it the perfect choice for pet owners or groomers who are looking for a quick and thorough way to extend the life of a groom or freshen up their pet's coat.
    If you're a retailer or groomer looking to buy waterless pet shampoo in bulk or wholesale quantities of dog dry shampoo, consider THE MANE TAME by PRIDE+GROOM. This light, foamy, and easy-to-use dog dry shampoo is a quick and thorough way to extend the life of a groom or freshen up a coat that's been around the block just a few times too many. No water is necessary, making it a convenient option for busy pet owners and groomers alike.

    To use THE MANE TAME, simply apply a small amount of the dry shampoo to a pet's coat and rub it in, making sure to avoid sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, and mouth. Then, brush the pet's coat to remove any dirt or debris. The result is a fresh and clean-smelling coat that is ready for any adventure.

    Regarding frequency of use, it is recommended to use THE MANE TAME by PRIDE+GROOM as needed, depending on the amount of dirt and oils that accumulate in your pet's coat. It is generally safe to use a waterless dog shampoo every other week or as needed.
    THE MANE TAME by PRIDE+GROOM is an excellent alternative to traditional shampooing, especially for pets who don't like water or have skin sensitivities. So if you're looking for a wholesale dog dry shampoo that will keep your furry friends looking and smelling fresh and clean, THE MANE TAME by PRIDE+GROOM is the best choice for you.


    How much do I need to use on my dog?

    We recommend 5 pumps for each 10 pounds of weight to clean the entire dog.

    Are dry shampoos good for dogs?

    Yes, dry shampoos can be a great way to keep your dog's coat clean and fresh between washes. As long as the ingredients are all natural and safe for pets, there is no harm in using it regularly on your dog or cat.

    Does waterless dog shampoo work?

    Yes, waterless dog shampoos can be effective in removing dirt, oils, and odors from a dog's coat.

    Can I use this on my dog after surgery?

    Yes. The waterless shampoo can be used while your dog cannot take baths. Do not apply products directly on the cut or operated area.

    Is this safe for cats?

    Yes, THE MANE TAME by PRIDE+GROOM is safe for cats.

    How to use waterless shampoo on pets?

    1. Brush your pet thoroughly before applying the product
    2. Pump the product directly on your pet
    3. Rub and brush product into the pet's coat
    4. Use towel to remove excessive product
    5. Enjoy your fresh-smelling pet!

    Does dry shampoo actually clean dogs?

    Yes, dry or waterless shampoo is formulated to actively clean pet's coat. So in case you do not want to give your pet water bath, use "THE MANE TAME" waterless shampoo for pets.

    How do you get rid of dog smell on dogs?

    The key is proper hygiene, it is not recommended though to bathe your pet more frequently than once in 4 weeks. So in case your dog is smelly in-between baths, we recommend using waterless shampoo for dogs. It effectively removed odors and does not irritate your pooch's skin