Dog groomers skin issues. How to keep groomer's hands healthy?

Dog groomers skin issues. How to keep groomer's hands healthy?

One of the best ways to avoid skin irritation and cracked hands 

Professional groomers see on average a minimum of 10 and upwards of 30 dogs a day, often 6 days a week. Their hands are exposed to pet hair, sharp claws, often soak in varying temperatures of water and a host of different shampoo and conditioner formulas depending on the breeds, sensitivities or even the buying habits of the salon owners.  And while the focus is on the pet’s hair and fur needs first, we here at PRIDE+GROOM want to take a moment and talk about our groomer communities’ hands…

Dog groomers skin issues

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Is your skin rough, dry, cracked and irritated? Are you lathering your hands in hand cream, balms, oils and even prescription lotions constantly trying to calm the inflammation, flaking and sores? 

For starters, healthy skin is a Groomer’s first line of defense against bacteria. Maintaining strong hands is a necessity to keep up with the intense volume of furry clients our nations’ groomers are seeing over the past few years.  You can see a big difference in your skin irritation if you start looking at the ingredients of the products you use. For instance, our shampoos have aloe (aloe barbadensis leaf juice) and are stabilized with citric acid (citrus aurantium fruit extract). Aloe vera moisturizes skin and is key to delivering healthy hydration. 

We at PRIDE+GROOM have been campaigning for a change to gentler, higher quality coat care for dogs and cats, but this level of care extends to the very hands that are lathering, scrubbing, massaging and loving our fur babies - that’s you…the groomers…so let’s talk about your hands and the products you are using.  The reality is no matter how much hand cream you use, if you are repeatedly using harsh ingredients and are exposed to freshly cut hair and fur your hard working hands will never get healthy skin. One ingredient that was a definite no no for us were Sulfates. And, here is why....  

What are sulfates?

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Sulfates are a very strong and inexpensive cleaning agent that is used to remove grease from engines and floors. There are many forms of sulfates, such as Sodium Lauryl and Laureth Sulfate (SLS). These agents are so strong that they actually penetrate through the skin and remove the skin's natural oils leading to dry and cracked hands – sometimes even worse conditions like eczema and allergies.

Let’s think about what we are trying to achieve in often the first step of grooming a dog – the bath.  Remember the famous Dawn commercial with those poor penguins after the oil spill? Dawn literally cut through crude oil.  Now think about the dirtiest dog you have seen come into your salon.  Mud? 100%  Dried Poop? Sure. Grass stains? Often. Crude oil? Never. Motor oil? I don’t think so.

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Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath? But our dogs do not need to look like they are at a car wash to cleanse their skin and coat in preparation for their groom.  And, your hands do not need to be subjected to that either.  Your skin will absorb these chemicals leading to excessive dry skin. Repeated exposure to these harsh shampoos will lead to dryness and cracks and even worse conditions. You need to protect against these fiercely irritating products that will absorb into the skin. 

Parabens: Another No No

According to theFDA Parabens are a family of related chemicals that are commonly used as preservatives in cosmetic products. The parabens used most commonly in cosmetics are methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and ethylparaben. Parabens often help to keep active ingredients stable, effective, and free from harmful bacteria growth—which is especially important in jars and pots that allow for finger dipping. There is debate on whether Parabesn cause cancer, but what we do know is that a the product will absorb into skin and cause skin irritations. According to studies, Parabens can be fiercely irritating to skin and trigger allergic reactions, especially to sensitive, damaged, or broken skin. Studies show that parabens can be especially inflammatory to those with pre-existing conditions of eczema, excessive dryness and cracks or a pattern of contact dermatitis. 

Taking care to avoid shampoos with Parabens is a good idea considering the regular contact a groomer will have to the product. 

We at PRIDE+GROOM made sure that all our formulas contain no Parabens and provide difference clean solutions to preserving our products. 

Why Sulfate-free shampoo for dog groomers?

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A sulfate free formula, like PRIDE+GROOM is not irritating for the skin.  The main cleaning agent is Coconut oil which hydrates the skin and at the same time loosens debris like dirt, grass and sand typically found on a domesticated animals' hair and fur.  All PRIDE+GROOM shampoos have our signature refreshing fragranceProud -- with notes of bergamot and lime. A formula like this will maintain the skin’s natural oils and moisture leaving a client’s hair and fur soft and lustrous and most importantly protecting a groomer's most precious tools - their hands. 

According to a number of groomers using a sulfate free shampoo like PRIDE+GROOM was a game changer. The gentle formulas work wonders on not only their pet customers' hair or fur but on their irritated skin. Below is a picture of the results of just one week of changing to PRIDE+GROOM shampoo. With the light fresh fragrance, using our shampoo you see soothing results right away. 

What are the best ways to take care of dry skin and irritated hands for dog groomers?

If you are suffering with sore hands, talk to a pharmacist and get a recommendation for a high–quality moisturizer. There are products that add moisture, and some even act as a barrier, bonding to the outmost skin cells to prevent moisture loss from the deeper layers and thus shielding your skin from damage. Not all skin care products are created equal. Investing in an excellent product can make a big difference. PRIDE+GROOM just released its paw balmwith the refreshing scent Proudwhich benefit hands as well as paws and pets' dry areas. It is infused with our signature refreshing scent Proud it offers a non oily protective layer for your skin.



Groomers who began using PRIDE+GROOM paw balm repairs extremely dry skin and immediately feel the difference on their hard working hands. Cracks have gone away, and they see soothing results immediately. For best results apply to areas 3 to 4 times a day. Use as much as needed until dryness and cracks have gone away. The balm repairs extremely dry skin -- even just a small amount can help with its non oily protective layer and let you immediately feel the difference. When possible, wear gloves to help keep your hands dry during the bathing process and warm gloves and hand cream in cold weather to protect your hands. 

Clean Hands Directions - Mild wash

Before and after work, wipe hair and fur off your hands ands clothes with a dry cloth or lint brush. Clean hands carefully with warm water and mild soap. Glycerin and oil based soaps are especially kind to dry skin. Dry clean hands with a soft, absorbent cloth, paying special attention to wrists, fingertips and the spaces between fingers. Rub creams or salves into hands massaging until most of the lotion disappears. Use as needed until dryness goes away. 

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Moisturize frequently!

Make a habit of applying concentrated hand cream frequently during the day, especially after contact with water. Look for good ingredients in your lotions - aloe vera moisturizes skin, shea butter as well. For best results, even a small amount can help. Instead of concentrated hand cream, you can also rub PRIDE+GROOM The Balm into hands. The Balm is rich in shea butter and Immortelle. The Immortelle flower is native mainly to the Mediterranean. In skin care, it has astringent, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal and is suitable for the treatment of acne, eczema and inflamed skin. That is why it benefit hands that have been abused. The productwill absorb into the skin and help heal all the cracks and irritations. Groomers have sent in pictures showing their cracked hands before and after the switch to our shampoos and using our Balm. 

A groomer is exposed to all sorts of harsh conditions including constantly being submerged in water, loose hair and fur and harsh chemicals. Hopefully you have seen here how to avoid some of this and safeguard your best tools - your hands. 


The very first clean beauty brand…for dogs!

PRIDE+GROOM is a female and minority owned all-natural pet grooming company born and bred in New York City.  We designed our coat-specific dog shampoos with a light, fresh signature scent that says goodbye to the overwhelming fragrances currently in the dog grooming market. Our packaging and branding humanizes our pet products making them attractive and user friendly.

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Our company is rooted in our love for dogs and cats, and we’ve put all our energy into creating products that let us care for them, their coats and their skin in a way that is natural, nurturing, and specific. Our formulas are a unique blend of essential oils sourced from around the world. Each ingredient has a purpose.  Like Marshmallow Root Oil, in our Non-Shedder, helps detangle and nourish those dogs, like doodles, with hair that grows and is prone to matting.  

PRIDE+GROOM is deeply committed to giving back to the community. We developed our ONE FUR ALL conditioning shampoo that we have donated to over 1000 shelters around the country. This amounts to over 50,000 needy rescue dogs getting the PRIDE+GROOM treatment before heading to their forever homes for adoption.  

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